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Accept Terms & Conditions

Please read and agree to the terms of use provided below.

Terms of Use

Consent to the collection and utilization of personal information

Agreement to collection or use of essential personal information I hereby consent to your collection or use of my personal information in connection with my reservation for a room at The Lotte Hotel as follows:

1. Matters related to collection or use of essential personal information
(1) Items collected or used | Name in full (Korean, English), date of birth, e-mail, phone number (mobile or home), country
(2) Purpose of collection or use | Provision of reservation service
(3) Period of possession or use | For two years from the day collection or use you agree to.
(4) Consent of Reservation information email sending.

※ Though you may refuse to give your consent, the procedures for providing the reservation service may not be executed without your consent to the above.