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A Floating Raradise On a Sapphier Sea RAMADA PLAZA JEJU


Ramada Plaza Jeju’s spa center offers “One Stop Service”

The professional therapists provide you with a high level of spa treatment services with the unique vibe and energy of Jeju. The spa center of Ramada offers one stop service, a comprehensive health, skin, and body care services for your relaxed body and soul.

Location 5th floor
Holidays Open 24 hours 365 days a year
Hours 10:00 ~ 22:00
Membership and inquiry +82-64-729-8466


Helios Membership

  • Annual membership fee (expirable term) / \450,000 [VAT included]
  • Special benefits
    - One free special facial treatment and Swedish Spa
    - Two 60% discount coupons
    - 50% off on the center’s programs (Tammora Yeoderetto ~ special facial

Celene Membership

  • Annual membership fee (expirable term)) / \250,000 [VAT included]
  • Special benefits
    - One free Swedish Spa
    - Two 50% discount coupons
    - 40% off on the center’s programs (Tammora Yeoderetto ~ special facial treatment)

Regular Membership (10 treatments for each program)

일반회원 상품별 정보
Program name Duration Regular price for one treatment Number of treatments Membership price
Ramada Spa 3hours 20minutes ₩495,000 10 treatments ₩2,500,000
Helios Spa 2hours 50minutes ₩400,000 10 treatments ₩2,200,000
Bonher Spa 2hours 20minutes ₩385,000 10 treatments ₩2,000,000
Aroma Spa 2hours ₩319,000 10 treatments ₩1,700,000
Swedish Spa 1hours 30minutes ₩214,500 10 treatments ₩1,200,000
Special Facial Treatment 1hours 30minutes ₩176,000 10 treatments ₩800,000
Body care
(Spa bathing machine not applicable)
1hours ₩145,000 10 treatments ₩100,000

※ Special benefits for using Ramada Plaza Jeju

  • 50% discount on guest rooms on weekdays (Sunday-Thursday), 40% on weekends (Friday/Saturday), 30% during summer peak season (7/20~8/25)
  • 10-20% discount for Korean/Chinese/Japanese restaurant/coffee shops/lobby lounge/music bar & karaoke/bakery
  • 10% discount for breakfast buffet/30% for dinner buffet/ 40% for sauna/30% for pool (for the membership holder only) /30% for hair shop
    (The above benefits are subject to change by the hotel policy)